Underground garage SL-3, SL-6
Hydraulic carlift in your house.

A car lift is an innovative way to double your parking space. Invest in a modern system that will make the most of your space. You will gain a completely new parking space in a quick and non-invasive way.

    Models of hydraulic garages.

    Icon of car lift SL-3


    • It is intended for 1 car (it is possible to park the vehicle on top of the platform, but you need to take it down before lifting the garage).
    • Maximum weight load – 3000 kg (6 614 lb)
    Icon of car lift SL-6


    • Suitable for 2 cars (the lift will lift the car parked on the upper and lower platforms, so you do not need to move the vehicle).
    • Maximum weight load 6000 kg (13 228 lb)
    Underground garage - technical drawing with dimensions

    Technical Brochure

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    4 steps and your new garage will be ready.

    We will provide you with ready underground garage components with detailed instructions for preparing the ground and installing our product. We are here to help throughout the entire garage assembly process.


    The excavator digs a pit for a hydraulic garage

    The main advantages of the underground garage

    Masking finish icon

    Masking finish

    The top platform is finished in the same style as the surrounding area. We can finish it with the same paving stone as on your driveway, pour soil and plant grass, etc.
    Aesthetics matter to us!

    Wireless control icon

    Wireless control

    Convenient opening and closing are provided by two available options: management using the included remote control or a dedicated application on your smartphone.

    Modern LED lighting icon

    Modern LED lighting

    Your comfort will also be ensured by modern, energy-saving lights – located on the lower and upper garage platforms.

    2 year warranty icon

    2-year warranty and lifetime technical support

    The warranty covers everything from the steel structure of the basement to the electrical and hydraulic system. Our service will do its best to ensure that your new garage never disappoints you. The reliability of your underground garage is our priority!

    2 year warranty icon
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    Designed and manufactured in Poland

    The entire design and production process is carried out at our headquarters in Inowrocław. We use high-quality components. We have constant TÜV supervision over our production.

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