Hydraulic underground garage
and parking lift systems

Same garage, twice the space

Invest in an underground garage or parking platform and double your parking space without the need to build new buildings or arrange new land. You can also use these innovative and modern products to remodel your existing garage. Make the most of your space!

Types of lifting parking solutions

Ikona podziemnego garażu SL-3

Hydraulic underground garage

An innovative solution for creating completely new parking spaces. In addition, the car on the lower platform is protected against weather conditions. The pull-out underground garage will surely impress everyone who sees this unusual way of storing the vehicle.

Ikona podziemnego garażu SL-3

Dependend parking lift

Dependend parking lift is a practical and inexpensive solution for generating additional parking spaces in areas without the possibility of organizing additional space. Perfect when one person has access to both vehicles. The design is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.

About CarLift Home

We have 14 years of experience in the production of innovative hydraulic machines. Our goal is to create simple things with smart engineering. We have delivered our products to 36 countries. All our products are designed and manufactured in Poland according to European standards.

  • R14 years on the market
  • Products in 36 countries
  • pEuropean standards (CE)
  • Experience with hydraulic systems
  • Designed and manufactured in Poland
  • Modern factory

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