Frequently asked questions
about the underground garage.

Here you will find frequently asked questions about the underground garage and the installation process.

    The most common questions about the carlift garage.

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    Is a building permit required?

    No worries – we will help you install your garage.

    • You need to do a ground survey to see what awaits you when installing a garage.
    • We will provide the required project documentation.
    • You should notify the construction site to the Office of Technical Inspection and other offices.

    The time it takes to prepare the documentation depends on your location.

    How long does it take to install?

    The assembly of the garage should take about 14 days. We help you throughout the assembly process.

    What if the car is wet, is it not exposed to corrosion?

    We offer a ventilation system with heating as an additional option. The system is activated when the air humidity is too high. Thanks to this, your car will be secured as in a standard garage. You don’t have to worry about the paint coating of your car!

    Is the garage watertight?

    The garage enclosure is 100% waterproof. In case of extraordinary rainy days – a water pump is installed at the bottom, which will start immediately if there is water at the bottom of the garage. You will of course be informed about this via a notification in the app.

    Will I be able to pick up the car during a power cut?

    If you often experience power outages, we suggest installing a small power generator with the appropriate power. We want our product to never let you down.

    How big a car can I hide underground?

    The lower platform has been designed in such a way that most European cars can park there. Taking into account the easy getting in and out of the vehicle – you can park cars from the F segment, such as the Mercedes S-Class in the LONG version and the G segment, such as the BMW X7.

    What is the maximum car weight allowed?

    • Model SL-3 – 1 x 3000 kg (on the lower or upper platform).
    • Model SL-6 – 2 x 3000 kg (3 t on the lower and 3 t on the upper platform).
    • For example, the BMW X7 weighs a maximum of 2,500 kg.

    The SL-6 model is designed for a maximum load of 3000 kg per platform. If there is no car on one of the platforms, do not lift a car weighing more than 3000 kg.

    Can I hide anything other than the car?

    Of course! You can hide under the ground a jet ski, trailer, quad bike, or anything else not exceeding 3000 kg.

    How loud is the car lifting process?

    The garage is very quiet, its volume when standing next to it is 10dB. This “noise” can be drowned out even by the rustling of leaves in a gentle breeze.

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    Are you wondering how to prepare a concrete basement for the installation of an underground garage?
    We help you throughout the assembly process.